October 6, 2015

In a weeks time, Tepui will be holding its annual Tepui Fest. This outdoor extravaganza brings Tepui lovers from all over California to Hollister OHV park in Hollister, California. From October 16th to the 18th people will be able to get first hand know-hows with Tepui employees and truly understand what it means to own a Tepui tent. Over the weekend period, Tepui owners not only gain a better understanding of their Tepui tent, but they will also gain a better appreciation towards their Tepui tent. During this weekend newcomers will begin to understand why Tepui owners will only stick with a Tepui tent and why Tepui is rated at the top for any camping experience.

RackNRoad will always stick with Tepui, which is why we are a titled sponsor and so we know that Tepui will go above and beyond any persons expectations when it comes to a great outdoors vacation. A week doesn’t go by when a person isn’t calling for a Tepui tent. This just reinforces the fact that Tepuis products are quality and that they will always stand by their products.

So, come on down to Tepui Fest 2015 and see what all the fuss is about with the Tepui tent! If you can’t make it don’t hesitate to get a hold of any of our RackNRoad store locations and any one of our employees would be more thank happy to go over the right Tepui tent for you!