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Roof Racks 101 - Rack N Road


The first time someone visits our stores may also be the first time they learn about adapting vehicles for racks. For 30 years, we have helped every customer choose the right roof rack system, the first time.

Tailored Fit Rack Systems

Can’t find a fit for your car? Not enough distance between your bars? Not too fond of clipping a rack into your doors? Or are you just searching for a cleaner look? Tailored rack installations achieve a seamless outfitting that covers all these issues and more.

The Tailored Fit - Rack N RoadRoof Racks 101 - Rack N Road


  • Choose roof placement based on your needs
  • Factory OEM look
  • Quieter
  • Flush mounted or thru bar install options
  • Stronger fit
  • Works with “no fit” vehicles*
  • Track option gives more versatility


*works with over 98% of vehicles

Pricing For Yakima And Thule

From $800 to $1100*
(includes bars, towers, locks and install)

From $950 to $1350*
track option with bars, towers, locks and install

*cost of living effects pricing in certain markets, so please note installation costs can vary by location.

Universal Fit Rack Systems

All cars have different shapes, which means universal fit rack systems never reach a perfect fit. Because many different components are at play when outfitting a vehicle for racks, it is not recommended that non-professionals attempt to fit their vehicle.

Universal Fit Rack Systems - Rack n Road


  • Clips into doors
  • With the purchase of new door clips you can move system to “like type” vehicles
  • 2-door vehicles may not have a fit, and would require a custom tailored install.

Pricing For Yakima And Thule

$700 to $1000
(includes towers, bars, clips, locks and install)

Trouble figuring out what to shop for? Stop by one of our locations, or you can call, text or email us as well.


What Our Customers Said

Don’t Take our Word. See our Testimonials.

“Simply put, I could not have done what I wanted to do without seeing the team at Rack N Road. It was no effort for them to outfit my compact SUV and add a massive amount of carrying capacity and storage in the best way for my car possible.”
Ricardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz
December 2020
“Using online fit guides are just plain confusing. They don’t answer the important questions. Rack N Road’s Help Center was effortless! Thank you ”
Scott Gregory Testimonial
Scott Gregory
September 2020
Master Technicians At Your Service

Master Technicians, At Your Service

30 years as outfitters means we find each customer’s perfect roof rack solution, the first time. Save time and avoid costly mistakes. Discover why Rack N Road superstores are Yakima and Thule’s top recommendation for authorized custom installations.  We’d love to have you.

Professional Installation You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Schedule to bring in your car, truck, or van to a Rack N Road store. Our knowledgeable installation team will provide the securest outfitting of your new racks or hitches. Our outfitting specialty is what makes us the most recommended authorized installers by the brands we carry.

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