Professional Installations

Professional Installations - Rack N Road

Our intimate knowledge of car, rack, and everything in between makes us the most recommended authorized installers by the brands we carry. 30 years of tailored outfitting makes us the most trusted by the customers we serve.

Professional Installation You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Schedule to bring in your car, truck, or van to a Rack N Road location. Factory trained and certified professionals are ready and waiting to install whatever it is you need. There isn’t a rack or fit we aren’t familiar with.  We specialize in custom applications and are always striving to stay on the cutting edge of installation technology.


No need to come to the store first, we take appointments over the phone!

Professional Installations - Rack N Road

Is An In-store Tailored Fit Right For You?

When out-of-box racks and components don’t fit, are incompatible with the look of your vehicle, or for those looking to carry heavier loads; a custom install is the best option. A rack system can be attached by tracks or fixed points, on two types of roofs; Metal and Fiberglass. Our installs are permanent and made without compromise to the security of your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and the gear you load.


Learn more about when tailored fits are the most helpful.

Types Of Roof Rack Installation

Track Installation

A track installation consists of permanently drilled and installed tracks that run the length of the vehicle roof, truck cab, or RV. The roof rack then sits in those tracks and has the freedom to move forward or backward.

Track Installation - Rack N Road


  • A great option for Truck Bed Caps and RVs
  • Pair with SkyLine Towers, Landing Pad 1, and Crossbars to complete the roof rack
  • Allows for roof rack spread variation for different lengths of mounts and gear
  • Tracks can easily be cut down to custom sizes
    Available in 42″, 54”, or 60” track kits

Fixed Point Installation

A custom installed fixed point roof rack is just that, fixed in place at 4 points on the roof. 4 small holes are drilled into the roof and the roof rack is then fixed to those anchor points.

Fixed Point Installation - Rack N Road


  • Strong attachment option for a roof rack
  • Easy removal and attachment of roof rack
  • Pair with SkyLine Towers and Crossbars to complete the roof rack
  • For use on sheet metal or fiberglass roofs

*During peak seasons, deposits are required to hold an appointment. Rack N Road will call the day before to confirm the appointment time. We usually recommend a week in advance to schedule appointments, but certain seasons are busier than others and timing varies across all locations.


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