March 31, 2016

It’s taken some time, but the new Yakima roof rack system has finally come. We are proud to introduce the new Yakima StreamLine system to the Rack N Road lineup. Besides being the newest racks to date, the StreamLine system will change the way people think about Yakima roof racks.

Yakima TumberlineTimberline:

To start, Yakima changed their old RailGrab system, which was unfortunately out of date and inadequate in comparison to the Thule system. Yakima put their heads together and decided in order to get a better raised rail system, they needed to introduce something new and different. That’s where the new Timberline system came into play. The stronger Timberline system has a durable stainless steel strap to accommodate to a wide range of side rail shapes. Not only does the Timberline attach to most raised rails, but it also can accommodate to Jetstream and Corebars. With a load rating of 165lbs, you can be sure the Timberline system is the best fit for your raised rails.

Yakima RidgelineRidgeLine:

Don’t have any raised side rails, but still have something on the top of the roof? In most cases, you most likely own flush rails. The Timberline series wont accommodate your vehicle, but you can take a look at Yakima’s new RidgeLine Towers, specifically designed to grab onto flush rails. The brand new RidgeLine Towers have a more advanced, stronger, and quieter design than the previous RailGrab system. Requiring separate RidgeClips to easily install to your specific vehicle, the RidgeLine works with the Jetstream and Corebars to create a streamlined style that aligns with the overall aerodynamic look of the factory flush rails.


Last but not least: the Yakima BaseLine series. Designed by Yakima to mount to vehicles with nothing on the top, the Baseline is perfect for those who once believed a roof rack wasn’t possible on small hatchbacks, sedans, or most other bare roof vehicles.Yakima BaseLine

With separate BaseClips made for your specific vehicle, the BaseLine series can adjust and morph to most roof shapes. At 165lb load capacity, it gives you that  sleek, secure, load-it-up fit that you’ve been acing to have. The system itself is vastly better and more secure than the old Q Tower system, and is something anyone with a bare roof should take a look at. As with the other systems, the Yakima BaseLine allows you to use the JetStream bars or the Corebars.

Extra Tips:

The StreamLine series lacks in one regard, if you already have Yakima round bars, the new towers require a separate adapter to use them. However if you would like to upgrade to the new high end JetStream or the more affordable (yet still great looking) CoreBars, bring in your old round crossbars to Rack N Road and we’ll trade them in to reduce the cost of your purchase. All in all, if you need a roof rack system, the StreamLine series will blow you away. If you have any questions about fit, price, or extra gear you want to carry on top of your new rack, don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of our 7 store locations. We would be more than happy to help you choose the right rack for your vehicle!