March 4, 2016

Looking to get a cooler soon? Want a top of the line product that goes above and beyond everything you expect out of a cooler? Look no further because the Yeti Cooler is your ideal choice!

Yeti Tundra #1

Besides being virtually indestructible and grizzly proof, the Yeti has plenty to offer that nobody else can compete with. A few of these benefits are the permafrost insulation technology integrated in the cooler, which allows all Yeti coolers to stay cool, which is kinda the point of a “cooler.” So, once your drinks go inside the cooler they will always have that nice cold touch. Yeti coolers also have bearfoot non-slip feet. Plenty of people have issues with their cooler staying put on certain surfaces. Of course it’s convenient to put your cooler on the ground, but what happens when space is limited and you need to put you cooler on a surface that isn’t stable, or slippery? That’s where the Yeti feet come into play, not only will your cooler not budge, but it also gives you the ability to place it on a surface that was once too precarious.

Don’t worry about handles wearing out over time and snapping due to heavy loads anymore. The handles are made of military-grade polyester rope, it’s almost impossible to break them. Gone are the days of having to hold your ice chest from the bottom or pushing it on the ground because your handles are broken or too hot. Yeti Coolers also have a convenient Vortex drain system, allowing you to quickly get rid of that excess liquid.

Yeti offers a lot of choices when it comes to finding the right cooler for the right job. The most in-demand cooler would have to be the Tundra, which comes in their 35 series (28 cans of beer or 28lbs of ice) and goes all the way up to their 350 (220 cans of beer or 329lbs of ice). The Tundra series has the most variety and the most applications across the board, whether it be for camping, fishing, hunting, or just a BBQ. Most of the Tundra series comes in standard white in color or you can go with their sky blue or tan.

However,Hopper Yeti Photo if a standard cooler isn’t something your looking for at the moment then why not take a look at some of Yeti’s other options? The Yeti Hopper is a great portable, small solution. The Hopper is a on-the-go cooler which you can carry over your shoulder. A Hydro-lock zipper keeps everything inside the and ensures that all you drinks and snacks stay cool to the touch – and keep any liquid from leaking out.

If you have a chance, check out Yeti’s website and all their other cool products like the Yeti Ice or the Yeti Rambler. At Rack N Road we are thrilled with Yeti and stand by them, but if you want a second opinion check out the insane amount of 5-star reviews each product receives on their website. Give your local Rack N Road a call to see if they have a Yeti on hand or if we can get one quickly for that last minute summer vacation. Trust us when we say there is nobody out there that can beat Yeti as an outdoor camping accessory!