October 20, 2015

FatCAT 6 imageWith winter not so far away, we at Rack N Road thought it would be a good idea to help narrow down your ski rack choices. Currently the Yakima FatCat is our favorite because not only is it extremely easy to use, but it’s also one of the most stylish ski racks out there.

The FatCat allows you to carry 4 or 6 skis, depending on the size you invest in. Of course it’s not only limited to skis, you can also carry 2 – 4 snowboards as well, and mix and match when necessary. Another great attribute to the FatCat is it not only allows people to use it on the Yakima round-bar, but they are also compatible with factory or other aftermarket aerodynamic bars.

Instead of cramming your snow gear into the car and sprawling it across seats, carry it across the roof to keep your passengers comfy and your vehicle clean. The FatCat 6 has a large red button, easy to open even with the puffiest and most paralyzing pair of gloves. You can also lock your skis to the FatCat, and lock your FatCat to your vehicle, ensuring your gear stays where it belongs. So, for your next trip up to the mountains, don’t forget to try out the Yakima FatCat and enjoy all the great benefits it has to offer!