New Hire

New Hires start with mentorship on the Rack N Road values, products, and high standards of service and installations. Are you a mechanical person and prefer working with your hands? Or are you a great people person and confident with your sales skills? Rack N Road allows you to focus on your current strengths but also develop a wider scope of skills to help you progress further in the company. New Hires should be enthusiastic and motivated as they are trained by the veterans of the store.

“It is amazing how much I learned in my first 30 days, my co-workers really helped me out and make all the difference for me.” - Bryan


Outfitters are the multitasking powerhouses of Rack N Road. Whether you’ve specialized at installations or sales, a friendly and driven attitude goes a long way in this position. Mastering your craft becomes the main priority of the Outfitter, building up product knowledge and proving yourself with vehicle outfitting and customer service skills. Outfitters know the Rack N Road difference, core values, and are always looking to help out in the store as much as possible.

“I love getting outside, biking and snowboarding in particular, so it’s nice working in a place where I get to talk to people that are into the same things, including customers. We’re on the same page.” – Brennan

Outfitter +

The Outfitter + has fully made their mark as an active and fundamental team member. This position earns yet another pay bump and a business card to help build a strong relationship with customers. As an Outfitter +, you’ve got all the bases covered and then some. At this point you have a handle on almost all the products and operations of Rack N Road, and have all the hustle for outstanding work and customer satisfaction.

“I’ve gained a lot working here, I’ve learned a lot of technical and personal skills that help me inside and outside of work, on top of learning about products that I actually use all the time for fun.” – David

Outfitter Pro

Congratulations, you’re now a Rack N Road Pro. The vital experience you’ve accumulated is put to use with more store operation responsibilities, and others will look to you to share that experience. Outfitter Pros are more self directed and motivated as they continue to represent the Rack N Road difference and core values. This position typically stands as a reflection of sales, customer interaction and satisfaction. Outfitter Pros have a strong voice within the company and receive more perks and a pay increase in appreciation.

“Rack N Road has really specialized services. We’re working on people’s cars, we have to know what we’re doing to make sure people trust us and are getting exactly what they want. I’ve learned a lot, and it feels good to have that expertise and be really sure of myself.” – Taylor


As the name suggests, Master Technicians are experts regarding all the trickiest and complicated installations – and there are plenty of tricky installs. They handle higher responsibilities regarding the install shop management, maintenance, and training, and have earned another pay increase as a result. Master Techs are organized, motivated, and great leaders for the other employees. Although this position is a reflection of technical ability, it also often coincides with fantastic communication abilities and good customer service know-how.

“I’ve been in places where no one would even want to spend time with their co-workers outside the store, it’s just a separate world. But every summer we do something like boating or camping, I’ve known most of these people for years and we still have a great time.” – Nick

Assistant Store Manager

Assistant Managers have accomplished a tremendous amount in Rack N Road. They are capable of skillfully operating store-wide tasks and simultaneously support their co-workers with guidance and encouragement. They ensure their store is successful and productive, and work with the Manager to create a friendly and cooperative environment for all employees and customers.service know-how.

“Being an employee at Rack N Road makes me feel like an important part of the team, it gets me motivated for the challenges that each day presents.” – Michael

Store Manager

Managers tackle each challenge with gusto, they have propelled themselves into a rewarding and substantial position in Rack N Road. Managers understand and appreciate their employees, and are always ready to offer some tricks and techniques to be on top of their game. They use creative problem solving to manage budgets, work with vendors, contribute to the store’s online presence, community outreach, extensively guide and inspire employees, and always deliver the highest caliber of customer service.

“We work in a fun and constantly changing industry, and the awesome people we collaborate with creates a work environment that is interesting and challenging.” – John

District Manager

District Managers never lose that close relationship with their home store. They continue to coach and educate each employee, from the old hands to the New Hires, on the ocean of knowledge they have accumulated over time. They use that infectious energy to communicate with other Managers and oversee multiple store locations, reaching new goals for Rack N Road and always improving the customer’s experience. They never lose sight of the importance of the Rack N Road values, and uphold the high standards we hold for an excellent workplace.

“My love for this company has grown into a passion of shared knowledge. I cherish the opportunity to help other store be the best they can be. The amount of pride I have for what I do is hard communicate. Come join our team and find out for yourself.” – Chris


Welcome to the wild world of customer service! In this role you will specialize in helping our customers and facilitate the sales process at the store level. This means you need to know about our products and how we operate. You will receive top notch training from guys who’ve been in the business for decades and get your hands dirty by helping out with installs, all in effort to become a product guru. You will get a full dose of our extensive customer service training program that sets us aside from the competition. The introductory phase of working in the Help Center is fun and challenging and only for those who are eager to take on new challenges and learn new things everyday.

“It is a great experience working at Rack N Road because of the excellent team that you get to be apart of. I also enjoy being able to equip people for their adventures into the great outdoors.” – Chai


Now that you’ve become a pro at what we do, it’s time to put all that knowledge to use. You will embark on new missions every day, whether it be helping out with a new marketing campaign or making the sale on a new product, you will always be engaged and challenged. You will help out those below you and be a crucial member of the team. As the first point of contact for most business, you will play the most vital role in the Help Center. A Specialist needs to be a “people” person who gets along with all personalities, since we deal with such a broad spectrum of clientele and vendors. The ability to make others laugh while getting the job done is crucial to this position.

“I think what I have learned the most is that if an employee is in an environment that is positive and motivated then their work will reflect that. It’s one thing to come into work every single day and feel as if you’re not making a difference, but I think everyone associated with Rack N Road feels like they play a major role in some way or another.” – Steven

Specialist II

We take pride in being the eyes and ears of Rack N Road and we inspire respect among our colleagues. This is exemplified in the Specialist II position. At this point, you are a seasoned veteran in the Help Center and you’re familiar with all daily operations at Rack N Road. The Specialist and the Associate follow your lead and look to you for guidance when they need it. The Specialist II plays a vital role in assisting to manage and operate the Help Center. Marketing campaigns, vendor communications, and managing the online marketplace are just a few of the many new tasks you will be overseeing. The Specialist II must have the ability to work independently, lead by example, and bring positive energy to whatever they do.

“Working for Rack N Road is great. The people are amazing and so is the atmosphere. The tasks assigned to us are in tone with the skill sets we possess, and it hardly feels like work. Rack N Road is the place to be.” – Mike

Assistant Manager

By now you’ve shown the ability to lead and to get things done. You command respect from your fellow Help Center colleagues and from management. There isn’t much that you can’t do at this point and you command more responsibilities and challenging projects. Your charisma follows you wherever you go and people are infected by your positive attitude and your can-do spirit. You play a vital role in management of personnel and of the Help Center in general. It is important that you are always seeking out new challenges and looking for ways to make Rack N Road even better than it already is. Coffee and/or Red Bull are the drinks of choice for an assistant manager because they are all about energy and keeping the team moving. You will work directly with the manager on most everything.

“Working for Rack N Road has given me endless opportunities to grow in such an awesome environment. Everything I’ve learned has taught me to think outside the box and explore my creative side. I love everyone I work with and getting to express our humorous sides.” – LT


Do you like people? Well you’re going to have to if you ever want to be a manager. Making sure the team is kicking tail and taking names is your number one priority. The Help Center exists to make Rack N Road better and you’re the catalyst for that. There will be many tasks and initiatives that you are responsible for so this position is best suited for someone who can balance their tasks and their teams effectively. This position acts as the conduit between Rack N Road and their corporate officers and owners. Developing relationships and making the company prosper is something you live for.

“I am at my best in a creative, free flowing organization where great ideas actually become achievable actions, so I feel lucky to work here and I really value my coworkers.” – Brandon


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